Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When dreams needs to weighed up.. ???

And our first time lowering our bodies off that ship into the Ice 
will be our first time when ever that is..

Lowering my body off a ship into the Bering Strait, feeling the blood recede up the limbs, knowing that a moment's lack of focus could change everything.. pushing ourselves into a world made possible by the dreams of Lynne Cox, Ram Barkai and Lewis Gordon Pugh-knowing that you can relent everything to a crew who can get you out in flash-it's the stuff that dreams are made off, the stuff that jolts you from a sleep-really living on the edge is not something to fear..
Russia only 53 miles from USA.. 
On Mon we are due to be in Chukotka region, 11,000km east from Moscow and 80km from the Alaska to realise those moments..we worked so hard over the last few months to make this happen, I have never put so much emotion into a project that I knew so little about. Daily I was in comms with Czech, Russia, United States, SA and UK.. and a few others..everyday screaming for the invitations.. and battling to make this happen with logistics..

Our Itinery for the Bering Strait Relay
Фамилии туриста/Name&Surnames:
Программа пребывания / Itinerary includes: 
24.07 Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Collection of participants, accommodation
25.07 Press Conference
26.07Departure in Anadyr
26.07 - 28.07 Transfer to the city of Anadyr. Acclimatization. Training athletes
28.07 Arrival in Anadyr. Press conference. Sailing in subsection Providence
29.07 Demonstration swim participants. customs clearance
29.07 - 30.07 Providence Bay, preparing for the start of swim
30.07 - 31.07 Cape Dezhnev. swim Start
31.07 - 02.08 Implementation of a relay swim
02.07 - 03.08 Swim to Cape Prince of Wales (USA)
03.08 - 06.08 Stay in the U.S.

BUT it is not to be.. we're exhausted.. the swim would be easier than trying to make it happen

This last week my phones calls to Anne Marie were between 3am and 6am the times we can communicate with the Russian translator. There was a delay with the Chutotka Invitation -this area is the home of Vitus Bering, the down side is to apply for a Humanitarian Visa, the Russian Embassy require the original copy sent from Russia. This was last week..
This week an email from Iryna... great news...
I have just received this letter from the Russian Embassy in Ireland. It is saying they have just received special order from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia to give visas to Nuala Moore and Anne Marie Ward. 

Even if we got a 24hr turnabout-to get our passports there and back to Dublin (us rural cookies) to book our flights for Saturday.. but just too late.. it became about financial risk and not the adventure..

We bounced against walls.. we brainstormed, wanting something so much is like a vice grips on your scalp, like swimming in Ice with the hat off- We defended our need to be there. 3 weeks ago the participation fee jumped by $3,500 we justified it.. but the concept of booking flights Friday to fly to other side of the world Sat-Flights that were now €3,400 - booking one way to Russia and booking one way from Alaska-the universe screamed back that the Bering will wait..

We lost the fight, one conversation we both just gave up-we should be approaching in the emotional space of Superman not scrambling for straws.. That sense of giving up is not something that we like.. I battled myself but it was over.. now I'm angry-but that too will pass..If only these visas came a fortnight ago.. if only...
We are well able for this challenge..there were other variables that we could have buried or brush under the carpet-the bold Ram Barkai had our backs..
Swimming a mile @ 6deg with Ram at Xmas.. 

This is the piece de resistance to any adventurer and the amount of times that I actually woke up laughing..But this last week I didn't.. Despite all the highs and exhilaration there is the cold reality of walking up the road turning the key in my small shop and facing reality-there was a possibility of a $13k plus hangover..

We are both privileged to have surreal memories..we've been to the top of the world BUT we both know that regardless of how heroic you feel, how gargantuan you become in your mind-how brilliant and amazing the journey-you still walk back into your own life as just turn the keys in your life and the costs are facing you head on...

We've worked so hard in the last few years, so many sacrifices to make dreams happen.. along the way living so many adventures, with so many on the edge experiences and loving every minute..
Gucci eat your heart out.. !

The highs and lows of the last month or so have been crazy and though we are devastated and gutted.. The risk of polar bears, ice, fear, adrenaline, working with teams that we have no previous experience were all acceptable.. the thought of not being able to afford it..was terrifying..
The Bering will wait...we wish all the people we met along the way the most amazing journey.. the most safe and solid trip..

onward we plod.....sad but ever onward... a ship sails and a ship arrives..

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